We are part

of your home!

Design for generations!

We have replaced 900 windows in the Palace of Culture and Sience

We are part

of your home!

Design for generations!

We have replaced 900 windows in the Palace of Culture and Sience

What do we manufacture?

Many exquisite and beautiful things can be made of wood. This beauty can also be functional. For over 20 years, our products have reached homes in Poland and Europe. Below, you will find a category of high quality and modern design products that we have been creating for our clients with passion and involvement.

What makes us special?

In each house, the view from the window is magnificent. Such a picture requires an equally beautiful frame. We have been manufacturing wooden windows and doors that are stylish, diligently made and perfectly harmonised with the environment.


In our products, we care about their highest quality with wood as its basis. As regards our production, we use both native oak, pine, spruce, larch as well as the exotic Asian meranti timber. Wooden windows are the perfect complement to any home, and wooden doors welcome guests for years. We use world-class hinges, locks and fittings which increase the durability of the products. Quality also means our proprietary technological processes developed as the result of over 20 years of experience.


Contemporary wooden windows and doors must be stylish, with their design matching various ideas of the house decor. Our wooden windows and doors are elegant, fashionable and perfectly harmonise with the environment. Our products bring class to houses and apartments, emphasise the beauty of the buildings, create a harmonious integrity, both in historic townhouses and palaces, as well as modern houses and office buildings.


We know the importance of the schedule in the investment planning process. Despite the multitude of factors influencing the production process, we take care of timely deliveries when manufacturing our wooden doors and windows. The declared competitive price offer takes into account the quality of our products, design, timely deliveries and the warranty period.

Our performance

Modern houses and apartments, historic mansions and palaces, public utility buildings or modern office buildings.

and religious objects

We perfectly recreate the style of monuments, paying attention to and diligently taking care of the smallest details while using the latest technologies. We install our wooden windows and doors in old palaces and manors, religious buildings, and even in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.

New projects
and investments

We are not afraid of challenges – bold visions of architects, atypical shapes, complex ornamentation. Check how our windows blend in perfectly with newly built projects: wooden windows and doors in office and public buildings, townhouses and modern objects.

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We have been producing wooden doors and windows for over 20 years. We use modern technologies to make our wooden joinery of the highest quality. We execute orders that are typical and those that are extremely demanding. All that for the love of wood.

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