Winter gardens have been known for centuries as orangeries, which are mimicked in smaller forms as flower and ornamental plant rooms designed for cold seasons. An interestingly arranged winter garden is an ideal place for family gatherings, a favourite place to rest, and in winter days will please one’s eyes with the greenery of a real garden.

Aesthetic Impressions

One can enjoy the view of greenery and flowers, especially during winter days. Such a view will provide good mood, relaxation and inner peace.

Additional Heat Gain

Winter gardens are an excellent way not only to increase the usable area of ​​the building, but also to improve its energy balance. We also offer additional equipment that includes ventilation elements and sun protection panes thus controlling the heating of the interior of the winter garden.

Variety of Constructions

Wood frames of a winter garden allow one to easily create quite complex rooms shapes. They can be made in many different design and colour variants.

We have been producing wooden doors and windows for over 20 years. We use modern technologies to make our wooden joinery of the highest quality. We execute orders that are typical and those that are extremely demanding. All that for the love of wood.

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