There are many reasons to reach for our windows. We have been perfecting them for years while learning from the opinions and suggestions received from our clients. All this, to be able to offer the best wooden windows on the market. We care not only about their appearance, but also about solid workmanship. As a result, our windows present very high level of aesthetics and are also tight-proof.


When proposing wooden windows, we take special care to make them available in many different forms (tilt, sliding and folding) and also in large formats, ideally suited to replace the standard terrace doors. Moreover, we are also able to make our products soundproof. Since we operate in a comprehensive manner, one can also order with us classic shutters that are perfect for houses designed in a traditional style.


Wooden windows make the house complete. Whether it is modern or classic, the style of wooden windows adds elegance and style to the house. Due to the wide range of products, clients can choose windows suited to their project. They perfectly fit both houses and apartments, and thanks to their design they emphasise the beauty of buildings and create a harmonious whole.

individual approach

We can adapt our wooden windows to the needs of each client. As a manufacturer, we have great opportunities to suit your needs and requirements. The processing takes place in many different ways, and we can also provide frame styling for a wide variety of building styles, from classic to very modern.

Types of windows

Our offer includes a wide selection of windows and shutters, thanks to which our customers are able to choose a product that will meet all their expectations.


ThermlighT Windows

ThermlighT windows are an original product developed by our company. In their development, we focused on design and functionality. ThermlighT windows are ecological because they are made of wood from sustainable forest management. In addition, they are durable and maximize the amount of external light due to the larger glazing area. It is the perfect choice for modern apartments and houses.


Wooden windows

Wooden windows are our flagship product that we have been producing for over 20 years. Currently, to manufacture the windows, we are able to use oak, pine, meranti, larch or spruce wood. The colour of the wooden window can be individually adapted to the customer’s design. Wooden windows will fit perfectly into a modern building as well as a historic palace or house. As the result of applying the natural material, the design is timeless, and the windows themselves are very durable.


Wooden-aluminium windows

We used two concepts in the production of wooden-aluminium windows. The internal frames have been made of natural material characterised by very high aesthetics, while the external ones have been made of aluminium profiles. As a result, the windows are resistant to unfavourable weather conditions and to various types of mechanical damage.


Soundproof windows

Quiet in our homes is particularly valuable. We offer a number of acoustic windows, both wooden and wooden-aluminium ones, with different acoustic insulation parameters, that help to muffle unwelcome sounds from the outside. All our soundproof windows have been tested in an accredited laboratory and their acoustic insulation parameters have been documented.

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Sliding and folding windows

Sliding or folding windows are energy-efficient and ideal as terrace windows. The features that make these windows more and more popular among customers include large glazing and wide exit way, while maintaining high energy-efficiency parameters.


English windows

Windows of this style are most common in Great Britain, but also in Scandinavia and the Netherlands, and they are characterised by an original design, and the structure adapted to the weather conditions of the countries where they are most often used. Our offer includes wooden windows that can be customised to the needs of each client.


We have been producing wooden doors and windows for over 20 years. We use modern technologies to make our wooden joinery of the highest quality. We execute orders that are typical and those that are extremely demanding. All that for the love of wood.

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