The recurring fashion for the traditinal design and the trend of moving out of the city into the country affects architecture. Shutters are the perfect complement to traditional houses. With their functionality, they can replace blinds or roller blins. Available in various sizes, designs and colours, they will meet the expectations of every customer.

We apply dedicated Italian AGB fittings for our shutters. In case of wood (selection of: pine, meranti or other kinds),
we use an ecological 4-layer system based on TEKNOS varnishes.


Board shutters

Vertically arranged planks connected by a transverse lath are “Z” type shutters, i.e. the most massive model. After closing the shutters, the light does not penetrate into the room at all.

Lamella shutters

Slat shutters allow one to limit the penetration of light. The room will have a moderate supply of daylight, and with the window open, they will also provide a flow of fresh air.


Panelled shutters

A wooden panel fills the shutter frame and completely blocks the access to light. Thanks to this, the interior is protected against unfavourable weather conditions.

Plywood shutters

A combination of a frame made of wooden lumber with lighter shutters that allow one to completely darken the room.


Fittings for shutters

For the shutters, we use fittings of AGB, a company from Italy.

The fittings are adjustable in three planes, making it easy to adjust the shutter.

As a standard, the fittings are black, but can also be gold-coloured on request.

We use two types of shutter closures:

Shutter colours

We have been producing wooden doors and windows for over 20 years. We use modern technologies to make our wooden joinery of the highest quality. We execute orders that are typical and those that are extremely demanding. All that for the love of wood.

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