Wooden-aluminium windows

In the production of wooden-aluminium CDM windows, we have combined two materials, achieving a window that combines the best features and values of each of them. These windows are characterized by an interesting structure, which uses two concepts, previously used separately.

The internal frames are made of natural material, wood, thanks to which they are characterised by beauty and very high aesthetics. Stylish, wooden windows have a timeless design and are perfect for any interior, emphasizing its style and giving it warmth and character.

The external frames are made with aluminium profiles. They are mounted on the woodwork in the form of overlays. As a result, the windows are resistant to adverse weather conditions and resistant to various types of mechanical damage. This solution increases the durability of the windows, and also gives additional arrangement options. Aluminium profiles come in various colours, shapes and textures. They allow you to give the window the desired character – from modern to retro.

Wooden-aluminum windows are characterised primarily by an interesting structure. Their internal frames are made of natural material and are characterised by very high aesthetics of workmanship.Thus, the wooden-aluminium windows that we offer have an ideal combination of beauty and durability, and also excellent thermal insulation and longevity for many years.

Our company produces wooden-aluminium windows in three variants of profiles, offering variouswoodwork versions and several colour variants. It is the customer who chooses the type of wood (pine, meranti, oak, spruce and many others), the glazing unit, the colour of aluminium cladding or the type of fittings and handles.

Types of aluminium

It is possible to make aluminum claddings in various versions and in a wide range of colours.

We have been producing wooden doors and windows for over 20 years. We use modern technologies to make our wooden joinery of the highest quality. We execute orders that are typical and those that are extremely demanding. All that for the love of wood.

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